Case Studies

Part B has had the opportunity to work on some incredible projects. Find out how Part B's expertise has made a difference.


Boundary Analysis

Part B was contracted by QFSM ltd, to provide specialist advice to Kier Living. We were asked to assess the possibility of fire spread from various blocks of flats, to neighbouring properties. Using advanced computer modelling techniques, we were able to justify the proximity of an existing building presented a tolerable risk and was therefore compliant with the building regulations. If standard guidance had been applied, the development would not have been considered compliant.


Expert Witness

Part B was recently contracted by HKA to provide expert services following a significant fire at a residential building. Our instructions were to provide an opinion as to the likely cause of fire spread, considering the construction and design of the premises. Utilising our forensic fire engineering capabilities, we were able to provide a comprehensive opinion.


External Wall Analysis

Part B was recently contracted to provide expert analysis into the construction of an external system to determine compliance. Owing to the limited information available regarding the construction, our engineers designed a bespoke fire test to establish the correct use of materials. Remedial works were specified and an EWS1 form issued accordingly.

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Authorising Engineer

We are retained by a large housing developer to provide client focussed advice, enabling them to manage their fire risk effectively. Part B have adopted the National Health Service model from HTM 05-01 for other organisations who can benefit from similar arrangements. Specifically, our engineers have been providing advice and overseeing the transitional arrangements for external wall and cladding systems. We are providing third party review, ensuring that the advice the client receives is proportionate and commensurate with current regulatory requirements.


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