• Jamie Davis

EWS1 - Help or Hindrance?

We were delighted to once again be working in partnership with the Chartered Association of Building Engineers in order to raise awareness of the EWS1 issue.

Jamie is a board member for the association and was asked to appear on BBC Newsnight, being interviewed by Richard Watson over the difficulties many leaseholders face.

Unfortunately, it is a problem that we see at Part B far too often. That's why our approach to the EWS1 process is considered and based upon risk. We have saved leaseholders thousands of pounds where unnecessary works have been previously recommended by ill qualified or inexperienced surveyors and engineers.

Jamie has also produced an article for CABE, which will be released in the September edition of 'Building Engineer', highlighting the problems associated with the EWS1 process and the opportunities that exist to lubricate the process on new buildings.

Get a sneak preview of the article here

If you have concerns in regards the adequacy of proportionality of your EWS1 assessment, get in touch and utilise our peer review service.

We cant promise to fix everything and wave a magic wand, but we will provide you with impartial, objective advice.


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