• Jamie Davis

Pete Wise becomes Chartered

All of the team at Part B are really proud of our Technical Director Pete Wise for obtaining CEng with the engineering council via the Institution of Fire Engineers.

Some say 'about time'! We echo that....

Pete's long established career has provided him with years and years of experience, putting him leaps and bounds ahead of many fire professionals. His experience in the regulatory process, including the hearing of determinations when posted within the Chief Fire and Rescue Advisors department, means that he understands the 'intent behind the wording'. This has proven so useful for many of the cases we are instructed to provide support on, particularly where enforcement action and/or litigation is an ongoing concern.

His understanding of risk is second to none, which is so important as a fire engineer, being not always easy to obtain without years of practical experience.

Pete is certainly our 'grey hair' in the office and we are dead proud of him.

Well done Pete!


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