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Rob Lawson expands our reach

Rob Lawson joins the team as an associate in the fluid environment of modern fire safety work.

He is well equipped to deal with the moving feast of legislation and customer needs following many years as an enforcing regulator.

Originally from the construction sector, Rob started his ‘fire’ career with Kent Fire Brigade in 1988, finishing in 2016 as a senior manager of the fire safety technical team, having spent 15 years dedicated to risk reduction and prevention.

Understanding the customer need and the proportionality of risk were principal aspects for Rob as he sought use arbitration to achieve safety through bringing goal based conversation to problems.

Professional development was a through a well balanced approach to gaining technical knowledge and developing key negotiating and managerial skills; important aspects to resolve disputes over standards and risk. Since leaving the fire service Rob has been working within the Home Office as a Crown premises inspector; an environment which provides unique challenges in regulation and fire safety requirements.

Throughout his career he has taken on a range of unique tasks to improve fire safety delivery work for the Chief Fire Officers Association, the South East fire services region and the Crown premises’ inspectorate. This has included difficult projects as a lead manager to deliver efficient changes in the way people work and approach regulation.

Rob has broad skills and qualifications and experience based on his roles which make him an ideal person to understand and support business whilst also knowledgeable about the codes and standards of regulators.

His interest in fire risk reduction started early in his fire service career – “The image in the rear-view mirror”, looking back at an incident and believing “fires are preventable and prevention brings better outcomes than response”

Rob is a huge asset to Part B and we are thrilled to be the pioneers of bringing Rob's vast knowledge to the consultancy world.


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