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We’re proud to offer a unique insight in providing detailed review and opinion.

Our senior expert team, comprising CEOs, directors and technical directors work in a variety of specialisms relating to fire – architecture, building services, rendered facades and fire engineering. This perfectly places us as one point of contact and allows us to offer an integrated and collaborative review of complex issues more quickly.

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Fire Safety Engineering

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Fire engineering disputes

Our qualified and trained expert witnesses have worked on international construction litigation cases. We also recognise the interface between other design disciplines and fire engineering and can provide multi-disciplinary expert support on all expert witness instructions.

Architectural disputes

With decades of both architectural and construction expertise, our dynamic team offers a unique expert opinion service to assist with any issues you are facing, whether these are solely architectural or they relate to construction issues or there is an interface with fire safety or building services. We have the experience to provide an expert opinion on a wide range of issues.

Building services disputes

The vast experience held by our team within the Building Services sector perfectly complements the other key building disciplines within PartB. We can provide our expert opinion on a wide range of building engineering matters, as well as the key interfaces between them.

Rendered façades

Our expert team has over a decade of experience dealing with the specification, installation and remediation of render and insulated render systems. With failures of these commonplace, this service fully complements the architectural and fire engineering expert services associated with dispute resolution for buildings with these wall cladding systems.

Advisory services

Here when things go wrong, we help organisations measure their potential risks and make better, informed responses.

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Working with architects, we provide valuable input from concept design to handover.


Our forensic fire engineering services are specifically designed to solve the unsolvable.


We have extensive experience of unpicking the complexities that organisations face.

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