An unparalleled fire engineering consultancy with leading expertise.

Part B is the specialist forensic fire engineering consultancy for 'after the event' occurrences. Dedicated to fire safety design, problem analysis, fire risk management and specialist training, Part B offers robust, effective and practical solutions to enhance safety, achieve compliance and reduce risk for organisations nationally and internationally.


Collaborative design approach

Why are we different?  Part B consider the end user in every step of the design, ensuring that fire safety is supplementary and does not become a barrier.  We have worked with architects and designers on small and large projects, providing essential and useful advice at every step of the way. Our fire strategies explain complex designs in simple ways, ensuring that they actually bring something to the table, ensuring onward compliance with practical solutions rather than simply being a 'tick in the box' for the design team.



Reverse thinking

We specialise in the abnormal. Part B are forensic fire engineering specialists, who are highly experienced in picking apart complex fire safety issues. We have provided expert witness services to over 20 cases, partnering with the biggest names in construction litigation.  If you need advice for overcoming a fire design/legal issue, get in touch.


Expert assurance

We get it! That's what sets us aside from the others. We understand that compliance looks different to every organisation and a 'one size fits all' solution is not the way forward. We work with organisations large and small across an array of industry sectors. We even provide specialist support to other fire consultancies!
Whether you need a critical friend to assure your fire safety compliance, fire risk assessments, or corporate fire risk management, Part B have the experience and expertise to help.


Need advice?

Have a fire safety challenge you need to discuss? Contact me for expert, trusted advice.


Mathew Chandler, University of the Arts London

"Jamie’s advice was given to the University in a pragmatic, effective and constructive way which has allowed us to be able work through solutions that had previously seemed closed. Jamie’s approach is both holistic and comprehensive and is delivered carefully so that we can assimilate and arrive at solutions that truly work.

 We have found this approach to be different and refreshing and we very much welcome the involvement of Part B as part of our advisory team."