External Wall Review

Reduce risk, provide assurance

Allowing design and functionality to coexist

Why compromise on external wall design when you can bring aesthetics and functionality together? We work with architects to ensure your project’s fire strategies meet safety regulations, without hindering your design.

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Rising to the challenges of complex architectural designs

Fire Safety Engineering

Discover new standards


Our architectural and engineering expertise in residential Building Regulations means we’re the number one choice for developers, producing reports to PAS 9980 and EWS1 standards.


The perfect combination of aesthetics and expertise. We find a solution that is both usable and compliant, designing a building that works for you.


We break boundaries with exceptional thinking, implementing industry-leading practice to right the wrongs of others.

Intrusive external wall investigation

We provide a full service of inspection works for external walls from arranging access, carrying out the opening works, and documenting the wall construction and materials.

Like We Were Never Even There...

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Your Journey with PartB

A process that works


Working with architects, we provide valuable input from concept design to handover.


Our forensic fire engineering services are specifically designed to solve the unsolvable.


We have extensive experience of unpicking the complexities that organisations face.

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