Fire Risk Assessment

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Fire risk management services for any building, at any stage

We carry out FRAs for a wide range of buildings, taking a considered view of your premises and the people who use them from a fire prevention perspective. It's about understanding potential risks, then improving your fire safety precautions to keep people safe.

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A holistic, comprehensive range of fire safety services

Fire Safety Engineering

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BS 9997

Our Fire Risk Management Team will help your organisation navigate legal obligations for fire safety with a holistic, risk-focussed solution. Whether you own, operate, or manage a single building or multiple, we can assist.

Intrusive external wall investigation

We provide a full service of inspection works for external walls from arranging access, carrying out the opening works, and documenting the wall construction and materials.


We carry out FRAs on residential buildings of all shapes and sizes, from simple through to complex.


We offer fire risk assessments of any type of commercial premises, from retail to factories to offices.

Construction fire safety

Construction fire safety considers the fire safety of your building for its entire lifespan - from concept through demolition.

Type 1 FRA

We can provide a non-intrusive assessment of your building.

Type 2 FRA

We can provide an intrusive investigations of sample areas to verify suitability of building compartmentation. Our dedicated Forensic Surveying Services team undertake all this work in-house.

Type 3 FRA

A non-intrusive assessment, examining common areas of a building and a sample of flats.

Type 4 FRA

We can provide an intrusive investigations of sample areas, an assessment of common areas and a sample of flats – all carried out by our dedicated Forensic Surveying Services.

Pre-occupation FRA

We undertake thorough FRAs of both newly built or refurbished residential and commercial buildings to ensure fire prevention, protection and safety measures are in place and suitable.

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Your Journey with PartB

A process that works


Working with architects, we provide valuable input from concept design to handover.


Our forensic fire engineering services are specifically designed to solve the unsolvable.


We have extensive experience of unpicking the complexities that organisations face.

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