Forensic Surveying Services

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Investigative and compliance services for all your building’s fire performance needs

We provide a full, in-house surveying service, covering access, inspection and making good. Whether we’re replacing bricks or using colour-matched plates to cover access holes, our goal is to leave your building looking like we were never even there.

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A wealth of experience in defect investigation and documentation

Fire Safety Engineering

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Elevation surveys

Get the complete picture. Our drone surveys bring a superior perspective to your project that you simply won’t get elsewhere.

Intrusive external wall investigation

We provide a full service of inspection works for external walls from arranging access, carrying out the opening works, and documenting the wall construction and materials.

Compartment & firestopping surveys

We undertake both non-invasive and invasive surveys of the internal fabric of building to assess compartmentation and firestopping. These surveys support Type 2 and 4 FRAs.

Passive fire protection project management

Our passive fire protection project management service is a fully transparent and traceable system for documenting and managing remediation works from survey through to installation by a third-party contractor. We provide full building assurance and peace of mind.

Expert & general site reports

Our skilled team has considerable experience in carrying out site inspections to support expert witness investigations as well as general site inspection requirements.

Compliance audits

We provide desktop and site-based compliance audits to ensure reinstatement works are to specification and installed correctly.

Type 2 FRA

We can provide an intrusive investigations of sample areas to verify suitability of building compartmentation. Our dedicated Forensic Surveying Services team undertake all this work in-house.

3D Scans

We specialise in the3D scanning of buildings to create a digital blueprint for retrospective fire strategies or to provide a set of up to date floorplans.

Type 4 FRA

We can provide an intrusive investigations of sample areas, an assessment of common areas and a sample of flats – all carried out by our dedicated Forensic Surveying Services.

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Working with architects, we provide valuable input from concept design to handover.


Our forensic fire engineering services are specifically designed to solve the unsolvable.


We have extensive experience of unpicking the complexities that organisations face.

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