Jamie Davis


Having worked in senior positions within industry-leading consultancies, Jamie led fire risk management teams in an independent engineering consultancy.

Chartered building engineer with 18 years’ experience in fire safety and engineering.

Jamie has been a fire safety consultant and delivered fire risk management and fire engineering services to a wide array of industry sectors.


Jamie is highly experienced in fire safety matters across all types of buildings. He offers specialisms on large and small residential developments and has consulted on design, construction and fire safety management for over 10 years. He has acted as an independent expert in many disputes surrounding construction deficiencies in residential flats, houses and commercial buildings. These include a number of high court litigations, adjudications and a pending Court of Appeal case. He has acted as a shadow expert advisor for a high-profile incident to support a commercial client through a public inquiry, and acted as an expert advisor for a client subjected to media allegations.  

Jamie has provided expert assessments upon the suitability of external wall systems and contributed to the investigation of fires involving cladding systems. He worked with flammability testing of systems which contributed to fire development and has also provided post-fire investigation expertise for large-profile fires - commenting upon building pathology and fire spread mechanisms for legal proceedings.  

Jamie has been an active member of British Standard committees, contributing to the authoring of major fire safety guidance documents such as BS 9997.

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