New, Improved PAS 9980 Training

Dates for our new, improved PAS 9980 course will be announced on our 'training courses' page




Steve Willett

Our new PAS 9980 training focusses on real-world examples to help you understand its real-world practicalities.

The session will be delivered by seasoned trainer Steve Willett and highly experienced fire engineer, Pete Wise.

With Pete involved in all aspects of the training, we’re going far beyond the document to help you learn and understand how the guidance works in the real world.

Since it launched January 2022, PartB has carried out a large number of PAS 9980 assessments and now bring an enhanced training course to new delegates.

We listened to feedback from our pilot course and are pleased to now offer more case study learning – bringing the applications of the PAS to real-world situations and through interactive sessions, we’ll encourage delegates to think about the document individually, with full support and guidance from Steve and Pete.

Why sign up?

When the Fire Safety Act 2021 came into force, it became a legal requirement that an assessor considers the external wall arrangements of a building. PAS 9980 can be used when a fire risk assessment identifies that combustible elements are present on an external wall build-up. Our course will outline they key elements of the guidance that you need to be made aware of and our trainers will answer any questions you may have.  

Our course will help…

  • provide competent professionals with a method for appraising the risk posed by external wall systems.  
  • assessors understand the holistic risk posed by the external wall system
  • promote better understanding of the fire risks posed by external wall systems
  • promote consistency in approach
  • Enable consistent training  

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About the Trainers

Pete Wise, Director of Excellence at PartB
Pete’s varied and extensive CV makes means he is ideally placed to share knowledge in a training capacity. He brings significant academic and operational experience. He has run fire safety departments, operated as firefighter, a fire engineer, worked as a fire safety enforcement officer and been involved in policy at decision making level. A Chartered fire engineer with 39 years’ experience, he has developed extensive skills to understand fire safety design in residential buildings. He spent 25 years with London Fire Brigade - as a fire inspecting officer, team leader, fire engineer and head of fire safety policy. He also took a role in government as a ministerial advisor. He led the initial BS 9991 and BS 9999 committees, was lead author on the government’s guide to disabled means of escape and technical advisor for the fire risk assessment guide to purpose-built flats. Pete served as shadow expert on the Grenfell inquiry and currently serves on the Fire Industry Association's Fire engineering and Fire risk Assessment Councils. In the world of fire safety, there isn’t much Pete doesn’t know.

Steve Willett, Head of Specialist Training at PartB
Steve is a highly skilled, patient and friendly training expert who is passionate about delivering fire safety training. Past experience includes responsibility for delivering fire safety technical courses including ADB, BS 9999 and BS 5839, and developing new technical fire safety courses. He designed the London Fire Brigade fire safety training module for crews attached to the 2012 Olympic sites. Steve supported and mentored new staff in fire safety teams and designed and delivered bespoke training packages to staff. He produced a learning and development strategy for staff in fire safety roles and a mentoring strategy for staff in fire safety roles. During Covid and in a previous role, Steve managed the transition from classroom to online courses, teaching delegates a range of fire safety courses up to level 4 fire safety diploma level (including ADB, BS 9999, CLG guides, BS 5839, BS5266, LACORS). He also delivered standalone courses on fire safety in sports grounds and BS 9991, as well as in fire safety in purpose-built flats. At PartB, Steve delivers bespoke, approved Document B courses for high profile clients and designs new fire safety courses for use by PartB.
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