£5m PI Insurance Secured

We've once again secured PI Insurance covering our clients for combustible buildings.




Jamie Davis

We’ve done it.

Secured Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance to cover our clients for another year. That means full cover for EWS1s - including combustible buildings.

Do you know about the struggles in the fire risk PI market? In short, PI cover has been restricted to the point it was nearly impossible to obtain. That means very few fire risk companies are able gain the trust of insurers, especially when it comes to evaluating and signing EWS1 forms.

We are extremely proud to share that we are fully covered for PI up to £5m. So our clients are covered too.

We were able to secure this vital service by proving to insurers that PartB has the expertise, project experience and dedication to offer the very best service. Members of our team have even advised on fire safety legislative changes too. In short, we’re a safe pair of hands.

Many insurance policies only cover non-combustible buildings, i.e., cover where no remedial work is needed to make building's compliant with the latest government legislation. But this exclusion clause was often lost in the small print.

If your building is surveyed and deemed combustible, that leaves you stuck. Literally. Thousands of people in properties are unable to sell because mortgage companies require an EWS1. On top of that, remedial work costs fall to the current owner too.

But with our full PI insurance we can continue to offer up to £5m cover - no matter the materials your building is made of. This covers combustible buildings, façade work and cladding.

Offering fully comprehensive PI insurance is a huge deal for our clients, and we’re pleased to be able to offer this much-needed service.

It also marks a step forward in putting trust back into the fire safety industry. We’re genuinely proud to be able to offer this level of service to our clients, giving power back to those who need it – those who deserve better.

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