Safety Cases Required for High-Rise Residentials

Learn about safety cases and safety case reports and what they mean if you own or operate high-rise residential buildings




Pete Wise

The Building Safety Act is introducing legislation that requires important action from those responsible for occupied high-rise residential buildings. The Act requires high-rise residential building managers to produce a safety case report – and PartB can help.

The safety case report identifies your building’s main fire hazards and shows you’re managing fire risk. Overall, its main aim is to reduce the risk of a serious fire in your building. It will take the form a document that gathers information about your building and explains why you think it’s safe.

Drafting your safety case requires technical expertise and we're well placed to help. PartB has experience understanding fire in high-rise residential buildings; we deliver fire risk assessments, fire strategies and assessments, fire engineering consultancy, and provide expert witness services. We are ideally placed to help you locate and understand the technical information required to present a safety case using your golden thread information.

We have assessed many significant organisations' management of fire safety, so are well-placed to ensure this report is thoroughly and comprehensively prepared for you. The safety case is more than pulling together a series of documents giving information about your building, some of which  you already have; it’s about ensuring those documents work together to give an accurate, holistic report of your building’s preparedness regarding fire risk.

By October you need to register your building to HSE and from there, we can help.

To enquire, email with 'safety case' in the subject line and amember of our technical team will get back to you.

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