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We're pleased to announce we're now offering fire safety training across Ireland - with our first course coming soon.




Kelvin McLaughlin

We’re pleased to announce we've launched fire safety training in Northern Ireland.

As we continue to grow in Northern Ireland, taking on new staff, a new office and bigger projects, it was a natural step to bring our fire safety training with us.

We plan to roll out a host of fire safety training opportunities in Northern Ireland in the near future.

As always, our seasoned, in-house trainer, Steve Willett will deliver our courses - from Introduction to Fire Safety in Purpose-Built Flats to PAS 9980, Fire Doors and Penetrations, BS 9997 and BS 9997 Means of Escape. Steve is supported by the wider PartB team - a team made up of highly experienced fire engineers with practical and theoretical experience in all areas of fire safety.

We also provide bespoke training courses too, so if you have a group of professionals looking to learn about fire safety, we have the in-house capabilities and expertise to create a course tailored to your needs.

Our first course is coming soon.

About Our Trainer

Steve is a highly skilled, patient and friendly training expert, passionate about delivering fire safety training. He has years of experience working with delegates of all levels, helping them understand and implement fire safety strategies. He has extensive experience as a fire safety enforcement officer, fire risk assessor and fire safety trainer, as well as operational fire experience in a large metropolitan fire fire brigade.

Steve Willet, Head of Specialist Training at PartB

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