Using Scanning Tech to Work Better

At PartB we're using 3D scanning technology to work better across the built environment. And there are a host of benefits to be had.




Joe Taylor

There are always new ways to work better in our built environment. And a lot of that is about changing how we see things and making them clearer.

At PartB, we’re always looking for them.

Over the last 12 months, we’ve gone beyond the traditional written fire safety report to create something more immersive, more informative and more accurate for our clients – a virtual walk-through report. Think Google street view for buildings – but way better.

Using 3D scanning technology, we can create a bespoke report for our clients. This is presented as a visual tour, as opposed to the more traditional written report.

Along with a walk-through of every space, presented with comment, observation and analysis from our fire engineering experts, clients can click to explore closeups, images of wall cavities, materials, measurements and data. The result is a fully immersive report that displays a building as it actually is - by ‘showing’ rather than ‘telling’. Just think, using this tech, in two decades time you’d be able to look back and see that building, exactly as it was, exactly as it was used and inhabited, even furnished, on the very day the report was carried out.

The tech illustrates how a building actually functions on a real, everyday level. Often, making it more understandable to the non-technical observer, as relatable visuals are presented alongside technical review.

There are safety benefits too. Sending cameras rather than people into spaces means less opportunity for accidents or injury. We can avoid risks like scaffolding and potentially unsafe walking spaces such as lofts, etc.

Crucially, 3D scanning also integrates with BIM (building information modelling). Information is overlaid giving a clear, accurate picture of a building’s structure. So architects, engineers, designers and construction teams can work from the same trusted source. Fire safety provision can be integrated with this technology too, giving design team and contractors access to easy-to-understand fire safety info.

All this fits with the introduction of the ‘golden thread’ – a tool that manages buildings as systems, keeping development of the building in one central place. This allows anyone to understand a building and keep it safe. The golden thread manages the information of that building, ensuring it is easily accessible and up to date for anyone who needs it. There are obvious benefits for accountability and traceability.

All our 3D scanning reports are supported with full written reports too, ensuring our work is delivered a way that is useful and usable to our clients.

Lots more changes are sure to come with scanning technology and we’re excited about how it will evolve.

Have a look at our promotional video here to see 3D scanning in action and talk to us today if you’d like to know more about how we’re using new tech to deliver better results for our clients.

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