• Jamie Davis

All things walls....

It was obvious to me when I was appointed as a shadow expert witness to one of the parties involved in Grenfell, that fire safety was changing forever. The focus has moved and the spotlight is very much upon external wall construction compliance. I have acted as expert for a number of external wall litigation cases now and it still amazes me how many enquires still come through, indicating the amount of defects that may exist.

Fortunately, we have an amazing team at Part B who are able to advise on all things fire and external wall. The team comprises Chartered Fire Engineers, Chartered Building Engineers and Chartered Surveyors. We also work closely with a well respected cladding surveying company.

We are able to perform holistic assessments on existing external walls, advise on the design of new walls and even specify remedial works where things are not quite right. We can also supply EWS1 forms, as our team holds the suitable qualifications and experience required by the RICS.

We consider that successful outcomes are delivered by effective teams. Therefore, all of our wall assessments are completed by a team of people who are well versed in such surveys and assessments.

Please feel free to get in touch to have a chat. We love talking walls (not to them...)


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